Pentest as a service (PTaaS)

What is Pentest as a Service (PTaaS)?

Pentest as a Service (PTaaS) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach that facilitates the management and coordination of pentest engagements. These pentests, carried out by skilled security professionals, involve authorized simulated cyberattacks on an organization’s attack surface to discover and evaluate the severity of vulnerabilities. The pentests are conducted within a specified timeframe, usually lasting two weeks, and follow a structured methodology checklist. The engagement concludes with a comprehensive report outlining the identified findings.

How does Pentest as a Service work?

PTaaS solutions enable human pentesters to promptly submit their findings and allow customers to access and engage with the results, interact with the testers, and effectively oversee their pentest programs on an annual basis. Additionally, in certain instances, PTaaS offers the opportunity to connect with a community of carefully vetted and background-checked ethical hackers. This community provides access to a broader pool of testers, encompassing diverse perspectives, skills, and tactics.

  • Gain control

    Utilize the solution to enhance visibility and monitor the progress of multiple pentest engagements throughout the year.

  • Enhance reporting

    With Bistwork, you gain a comprehensive overview of vulnerabilities through a unified interface enhancing you security.

  • Remediation

    The availability of live, interactive vulnerability reports simplifies the path towards remediation, providing clarity and ease.

Validate Security Coverage

Traditional penetration tests often lack transparency, involve lengthy waiting periods, and provide static results. In contrast, our PTaaS solution ensures instant delivery of results and offers direct access to expert pentesters who are driven to uncover elusive vulnerabilities.

  • Reduce administrative time

  • Risk scoring

  • Accelerate remediation

Pentest as a service (PTaaS)

How does PTaaS differ from traditional penetration testing?

PTaaS differs from traditional penetration testing in several ways. Firstly, PTaaS offers real-time access to results, allowing organizations to receive immediate feedback on vulnerabilities. Additionally, PTaaS provides direct interaction with expert pentesters, enabling better collaboration and clarification of findings. Unlike traditional methods, PTaaS eliminates long wait times and delivers dynamic, on-demand testing.

What are the advantages of using PTaaS?

PTaaS offers several advantages over traditional penetration testing approaches. Firstly, it provides instant results, allowing organizations to quickly identify and address vulnerabilities. PTaaS also offers direct access to skilled pentesters who are motivated to find elusive flaws, ensuring comprehensive testing. Furthermore, PTaaS often provides access to a larger pool of diverse testers, offering a wider range of perspectives, skills, and tactics. Overall, PTaaS enhances transparency, agility, and efficiency in managing penetration testing programs.

Is PTaaS suitable for organizations of all sizes?

Absolutely! PTaaS is designed to cater to organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. Its flexible and scalable nature allows it to adapt to the unique needs and budgets of different organizations.