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We specialize in delivering comprehensive cyber systems, ensuring the security of defense and global security customers worldwide.

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Bistwork, a trusted contractor in the federal and military defense industry, plays a crucial role and actively contributes to maintaining the strong security and defense posture of critical platforms used in various industries.

At Bistwork, our approach is to incorporate comprehensive cyber capabilities into all our deliverables, starting from the initial concept and continuing through the entire life cycle. Our services encompass the development of platforms, tradecraft, and tools that have a proven track record of enabling our customers to enhance their speed, safety, quality, and cost effectiveness in executing critical cyber missions.

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Johandry Espin

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer | Bistwork Inc

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Advancing Technologies That Enable Cyber Operations

  • Network Pentesting
  • Cloud Pentesting
  • Application Pentesting
  • Enhancing Network Security

    Discover the significance of network penetration testing in fortifying cybersecurity defenses.

  • Uncovering Vulnerabilities

    Explore the essentiality of network penetration testing in identifying weaknesses within IT infrastructure.

Your attack surface is growing

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  • Enhancing Cloud Security

    Discover how this proactive approach helps identify vulnerabilities, strengthen defenses, and ensure the integrity of cloud-based systems and data.

  • Mitigating Risks in the Cloud

    Understand how regular pentesting assessments assist in uncovering weaknesses, enhancing security controls, and safeguarding sensitive information stored in the cloud.

Minimize risk and enhance cloud security for your organization.

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  • Uncover Hidden Weaknesses

    Enhance your application's security with comprehensive penetration testing, identifying and addressing vulnerabilities to ensure robust protection.

  • Uncovering Vulnerabilities for Robust Security

    Gain peace of mind by subjecting your applications to rigorous penetration testing, identifying weaknesses and fortifying your defenses for enhanced security.

Red teams simulate real-world attacks

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